KORE elections 2020

Mabuhay - welcome to Kore Elections 2020! Thank you for your interest in the election. Here you may find important information and links regarding this year's election. 


April 14: Kore/ FG Board Interest Meeting; Kore Nomination and Apps open

April 30: Last Day for Kore Nomination Forms

May 3: Last Day to submit Kore Application Forms

May 12: Kore Debate

May 13: First Day of Voting

May 19: Last Day of Voting


Kore 2020-2021 Voting Ballot

Kore Nomination Form (closed, thank you for nomination!)

Kore Application Form (closed, thank you for your application!)

Kore Bio Examples


1. Take a deep breathe. 

2. Go to What Is Kore? page and read through the whole page, including position descriptions.

  • If you are not sure what position to run for, ask yourself, which position do I see myself in helping the community while balancing other workloads for the next year.

3. Find your purpose. Why do you want to run for Kore?

4. Think about your other plans for the following year. If you know you have a tight schedule with work and school or if you're planning to study abroad, Kore may not be suitable for you this year. 

5. Once you thoroughly gone through the first four steps, it's time for the fun clerical work!

  1. Fill up the Kore Applications form.

  2. Create a Kore bio to promote your candidacy.

  3. Prepare for Kore debates.

  4. Vote!

  5. Wait for response. 


Change starts from you. Run for Kore now and earn the following:

1. Gain student leadership and development.

2. Build personal and professional networks within the organization and outside organizations.

3. Participate in a high-impact community that provides rich experience.

4. Learn and Grow. Being in Kore is an opportunity to work with others to help you and others grow. It's a great foundation for necessary transferable skills that you can transfer to your professional work in the near future.


WHAT transferable skills?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, here are the key competencies that are important to development during your college years.

  • Critical thinking/ problem solving

  • Oral/ Written communication

  • Teamwork/ Collaboration

  • Digital Technology

  • Leadership

  • Professionalism/ Work ethic

  • Career Management

  • Global/ Intellectual fluency

Check the NACE website for more information.


What is the Kore Nomination Form?

The Kore Nomination Form is an online form where you can nominate a person who you believe can executive a respective position in Kore. Each nominee will receive an email that they have been nominated to run. This does not mean they are officially a Kore candidate for Kore debates. Nominees must accept the nomination by filling up the Kore Applications Form. Click here to go to the Kore Nomination Form.

What is the Kore Application Form?

The Kore Application Form is an online application for folks who wish to declare candidacy and will be participating Kore Debate. An applicant of this form must submit a Kore bio for their desired position, which entails their experience and why they are declaring for candidacy. Click here to go to the Kore Application Form​.

What is Kore Debate?

Kore Debate is a part of the annual Kore elections where current coordinators ask questions to their prospective successors. This is an opportunity for general members to hear what ideas the candidates have for the next school year. Kore Elections 2020 Debates will be held in Zoom.

Is PACE Internship a requirement to run or be elected for Kore?

No. PACE Internship is not a requirement to run or elected for Kore. Please check duties and responsibilities and preferred qualifications in What Is Kore?.

What if you're the sole runner for the position you applied for?

If you are the sole candidate for the position you applied for, you are still required to participate in Kore Debates. Durign the voting process, you must earn 2/3 of the general member votes to be elected the position. If you are running with multiple folks for the same position, the person with the majority of votes gets elected for the position.