We are this year’s soul! It’s kind of like an aura; it fluctuates through colors and waves around. Sometimes there’s darkness, sometimes there’s light, but they’re a part of you. You fluctuate, but at the end of the day, you’re you - a stronger you that begins to handle the waves that come. That’s who we strive to be this year, your soul, but one whose strength and resilience shines through and guides us all to a better place. We’re your support system. We’re your family. We’re your KOREluluwa.


MAJOR, YEAR: Psychology & Liberal Studies, 4th year

BIO: I was born and raised in and around Chicago, Illinois. I transferred to SFSU in the Fall of 2019 and have found a home away from home within PACE. I am so excited to serve as 2020-2021 Executive Director and integrate myself more into the Bay Area Fil-Am community. I currently work at Boss Women Collective as a Community Manager, where I hope to combine my talents of networking, activism, and professionalism into a place to support womxn and their intersectionalities. Feel free to contact me through email (pacesfsu.execdirector@gmail.com), IG (@julie.calix), and LinkedIn (@Julienne-Caliston).


MAJOR, YEAR: Apparel Merchandising, 4th year

BIO: Hello! My name is Arielle and I am your Kore Finance Coordinator (and Friendship Games Treasurer) for this year. I am originally from San Diego, CA and I transferred to SFSU in Fall 2019. This is my second year being involved with PACE. It has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and I made many new friendships. I love meeting new people, so feel free to connect!

IG: @ariellevdavid

email: kore54finance@gmail.com


MAJOR, YEAR: Kinesiology, 3rd year

BIO: Hello! I’m Edzel, nice to meet all of ya!! About myself, I was brought up in Fremont, California and still live there because to me it’s home! This’ll be my 3rd year at SF State, and my 2nd year being a part of PACE. I got a lot of hobbies, but the main ones are dancing (tutting, breakdancing, house, hip-hop), playing instruments (drums, guitar, ukulele), and playing league of legends. I’m currently a dance teacher at re.DEFINE studios so come vibe with me!! I hope the people skills and creativity that I work on help this org become a safe haven for y’all within the year! Don’t be afraid to say something to me!!! Y’all are friends that I haven’t met yet, and I always look forward to meeting any of ya!!!


MAJOR, YEAR: Computer Science, 5th year

BIO: Hi I’m Sarah and I’m y’alls co-internship coordinator for this school year!! I’m not sure what y’all want to know about me but uhhh I officially joined PACE Fall 2019 when I got picked up by my Ate :D! I’m pretty introverted so I was intimidated by how big this org was at first, but now that I’m here I couldn’t ask for anything better :) I hope to do the same for others like me so they can also find their place and comfort in the PACE community :] More about me though: I like Star Wars, playing guitar, sweeping my room, and coloring The Mandalorian coloring book my Ate gave me earlier this year. Other fun facts about me is that I’m not the best at making soft boiled eggs, but I’m doing my best to get better (😅).


MAJOR, YEAR: Asian American Studies, 3rd year

BIO: Hello y’all! Nice to meet you, I’m Roxy 😊 I am a 3rd year Asian American Studies major and I am this year’s current external public relations coordinator! Fun fact about me is that I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and I am known as the sunshine of my friend group. I go about life understanding that I am blessed and privileged to be where I’m at. “I am my ancestors' wildest dreams,” I live and breathe by this quote because I understand that I wouldn’t be where I’m at without their hard work, strength, and resilience.


MAJOR, YEAR: Psychology, 3rd year

BIO: Hey, everyone! My name is Shane McKnight & I am currently a 3rd year majoring in Psychology, with a further future emphasis in Clinical Psychology. Along with being your Internal Public Relations Coordinator for PACE this term, I’m also the Internal Relations Chair for UCSF’s Mabuhay Health Center in SOMA. PACE, along with our community as a whole, has taught & given me so much & I will always be grateful for these experiences. I look forward to meeting & getting to know y’all throughout this year! I love meeting & learning more about people so please don't hesitate to hmu about anything from PACE to being friends! Love y’all & let’s make the most of this year 😊✊🏽


MAJOR, YEAR: BECA,  3rd year


BIO: Hi Y’all! My name’s Venice Gripo (she/hers) and I’m currently a 3rd Year BECA student concentrating in media journalism. I was born in the Philippines with my roots in Majayjay, Laguna and Ilocos Sur. My family migrated to the Bay when I was about three and I’ve been raised here ever since. I first participated in PACE as a Fall 2018 ading when I got picked up by my ate and became part of A Fam Called Quest. However, my first active year in the org was after I joined Fall 2019 Internship, now known as Unchained, during my second year. Along with being y’alls Academics Coordinator I also work as a part-time barista, so hmu if y’all ever want to have conversations over or even about coffee. I look forward to having the opportunity to get to know and serve you all as a coordinator for the upcoming academic year. 

IG: @venxg 

Email: pace1967.academics@gmail.com


MAJOR, YEAR: Marketing, 5th year

BIO: Hey, everybody! My name is Jonathan Wong, but you can call me Jonny. I’m currently a 5th year marketing major and the activities coordinator for this current school year. Fun fact about me is that I collect vintage T-shirts! I’m very friendly and outgoing so feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or just looking for a friend to talk to. 

For me activities is more than just planning events but a way to bring general members within PACE and surrounding Fil-Am orgs together to form one large supportive and healthy community. Last year was my first year at SFSU being that I’m a transfer student, PACE welcomed me in with open arms and accepted me for who I am. I wish to support and provide all general members with the same acceptance and warmth that was given to me.


MAJOR, YEAR: Biology, 5th year

BIO: Hello hello y’all! The name’s Jo and I go by they/she pronouns. I’m a fifth year bio major and I can be really awkward in conversation, but feel free to chat with me if you want to! I’m from Vallejo, CA and a fun fact about me is that I can make a clover with my tongue (it hurts if I keep it that way for too long though TuT). Being in PACE has helped me break down some walls and engage in discussion with others about various things while creating an environment where people can have their turn to speak their mind and be heard by those around them. PACE has also helped me find and use my voice for what I believe in, and for that, I am forever grateful for.


MAJOR, YEAR: Political Science, 3rd year

BIO: Hello, everyone! My name is Micah! I am your Political Affairs Coordinator for this year. I’m so excited to get to know my community. I am very passionate about community work and activism. It’s a huge part of who I am. Hopefully you all will allow me to give y’all the space where we can build together, learn together, and mobilize together. With the events happening around us politically, my goal is to find ways where we can be politically active and to collectively serve the people in struggle.


MAJOR, YEAR: Asian American Studies, Education Minor, 4th year

BIO: Hello Hello Hello! Ah yes, I am Mark your Cultural Coordinator and your PCN Producer. My pronouns are They/He and I was born in the Philippines and I immigrated here when I was 3 years old. I grew up in Newark but I was raised in Union City. I was raised not knowing nor caring about my culture but, now I have never felt more in touch and hungry to learn more about what it means to be Pilipinx.  I am excited to work with everyone. My KAP fam is M.O.B. and I joined PACE my 2nd year. I am a Fall 2019 intern, Unchained and I was involved with PCN 47 & 48 and now I am producing PCN 49 with my IS! I love musical theater, and learning about Mythology and folk stories!


MAJOR, YEAR: Psychology, 2nd year; Senior Standing

BIO: Hello, everyone! I was born in the Philippines, but I immigrated to the United States when I was 6 years old. I was raised in Stockton, CA, a city filled with the largest population of Filipinos, other than the Philippines itself. I am currently a Behavioral Health Chair at the Mabuhay Health Center, as well as a Health Promotion and Wellness Ambassador for SF State, hoping to learn more about the community around me and help improve the stigma about mental health in the Fil-Am community. I am so excited to serve as your Kaisahan Coordinator for the 2020-2021 academic year! I’m a proud Ilokana and I can’t for the adventure ahead with y’all and PACE as a whole!

IG (aurea.tln)

LinkedIn: (actalingdan)


MAJOR, YEAR: Cinema, Asian American Studies Minor; High School Senior

BIO: Hi y'all! My name is Gen Balahadia (she/they) and I'm a Cinema major with a minor in Asian American Studies. This year I'm serving as PACE's Hxstory Coordinator! I was born and raised in San Diego and decided to come up here in the bay for the city and a chance to start anew. This is my second year in PACE, and my prior involvement includes Unchained: Fall 2019 Internship, FG 2019, and PCN 48. PACE has taught me so much about my hxstory and culture that I wanted to give back to the community in any way possible. Being in PACE helped me break out of the shell I thought I was already out of, and because of that I want to provide a safe space for Pinxy empowerment through teaching y'all true hxstory. 

A lil bit about me is that I love to play instruments (ukulele, guitar, piano, trumpet LOL) and almost anything Studio Ghibli-related. I'm also a budding plant parent so if you have any tips or tricks pls hmu 🥺. Always down for a conversation with any one of y'all! Don't be afraid to reach out :)