We are committed to providing academic support, promoting critical consciousness, and self determination for all our members. By offering a safe space of expression, we aspire to cultivate a community of unity. We also hope to foster leadership in all our members in order that they may share their experience and apply their knowledge outside our campus and beyond. We are dedicated to you, the community. We are Korelayaan!

Executive Department


Danielle Hicban

Executive Director

Major/Year: Graduating Senior | Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Teaching

Bio: I was born and raised in Glendale, Los Angeles but found a home in San Francisco after transferring to SFSU in Fall 2017. I currently work as a Teacher's Aide and tutor elementary students with plans to become an educator. This year I'll be serving as the Filipino Graduation Director for Spring 2020. I dream of being an #entrepinay as well with my own business, eventually. You can reach me at pacesfsu.execdirector@gmail.com


Kat Cariaso

External Public Relations

Major/Year: 4th year, Business Marketing


Bio: My name is Kat, I was born in Pasig City, Philippines and raised in Antioch, California. I transferred to SF State in Fall 2018, and have since then found a home in PACE! I was part of Kapuso internship during my first year at state, and it has since then catapulted me to the position I am today. I currently work as a marketing intern at a healthcare startup in San Francisco. I’m a proud pinay with dreams of merging the two worlds of healthcare and marketing in some way in the near future! Any questions, hit me up at pacesfsu.externalpr@gmail.com.

Megan Fernando

Co-Internship Coordinator

Major/Year: 4th year Asian American Studies major

Bio: Hello everyone! I am originally from the Central Coast (specifically Salinas, CA) and came up to SF about 4 years ago to attend school here. I am extremely passionate about animals, ethical/sustainable living, and mental health. In my spare time, I love being in the company of friends and family, exercising, going on adventures, cooking/baking, thrifting, doing my makeup and potatoing at home. This community holds a very special place in my heart, and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to give back to it everyday. Also please feel free to stop me and say what’s up if you ever see me around campus, I’d love to chat with you :)


Syd Lou Morano

Finance Coordinator


Cayla Orpilla

Internal Public Relations

Jalyn Ocampo

Co-Internship Coordinator




Casey Faamausili

Activities Coordinator


Alexis Sendaydiego

Kaisahan Coordinator

Chris Estolas

Academics Coordinator


Gian Carlo Baldonado

Cultural Coordinator

Major/Year: Computer Science, Third Year

Bio: Hi everyone! Philippine-born and -raised, I moved to the United States when I was thirteen years old. Being Pilipinx American to me means being able to recognize our privileges and to use our voices for those who couldn’t. Occasionally, you can either see me at the Mashouf Wellness Center working out or in the PACE office speaking Taglish. Concerns? Email me at pace.cultural@outlook.com


La Raine Gonzales

History Coordinator

Major/Year: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences major/Asian American Studies minor, 2nd year

Bio: Hi y’all! I’m a very community based person and everything I do, I do for the people. I also love sharing my experiences & knowledge on the Philippines, its history, politics, and culture so if you ever see me around and have questions or want to share your own stories, just let me know!

Serve the people.

Tim Bautista

Community Coordinator

Major/Year: 3rd Year Business Mgmt, AAS minor

Bio: Quezon City born and raised, and moved to CA when I was 7. I’m a pretty simple person, and in my spare time I like to go on drives or hang out with my friends :) I’m a pretty reserved/introverted person so if you see me don’t hesitate to come up and say what’s up


Jaiden Rianne Paja

Political Affairs Coordinator

Major/Year: 4th Year AAS Major

Bio: I was born and raised in Vallejo, California and moved to San Francisco for da kultura. On top of working with Korelayaan, I'm an intern for Ruby Ibarra and the Balikbayans. I love the connection and intersectionality between hip-hop, community, and politics that come with both these opportunities I was given so if you want to know more or talk about any of these just let me know!