Head Coordinator

Mary Reyes

Mary Reyes

Hello, my name is Mary I am PACE’s 2017-2018 Head Coordinator. I’m from Union City, California just a 45min bart ride away. I am a Liberal Studies major with a minor in Counseling. In addition to being this year’s Head Coordinator and a student I also work at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center as the Community Engagement Coordinator for the organization. I am passionate in serving the community and helping others cultivate their own leadership. I hope that I can do my part to inspire the next generation PACE to become active members of change, to grow loving their culture and create memorable experiences in their time in college that they’ll carry with for the rest of their lives. Our organization has helped me hone in on my identity, my confidence and recognize that every success we accomplish breaks down barriers for those who will come after us. I am so proud to be PACE’s Head Coordinator and am excited for the what this year has in store!

Internship Coordinator

John Jimenez

What’s good y’all! My name is John Jimenez and I am PACE’s 2017 - 2018 Internship Coordinator. I was born in the Philippines, raised in San Diego, CA, and currently studying here at San Francisco State University, majoring in Psychology. I love almond joys, dad jokes, and deep conversations where you pour out your soul to me over a glass of wine. I am a jokingly mean person so if I ever say something mean, it’s probably not serious. As internship Coordinator, I am in charge of communicating any activities involving the working department to the executive department and  ensuring that interns are given a safe space to speak and roam freely. If you have any questions about internship, don’t hesitate to ask! Alright, I think that’s all you need to know, if you want to get to know, I’ll be sitting in the office waiting for you! Ta ta for now! *winks with both eyes*

Finance Coordinator

Rence de Luna

Hello hello my name is Rence! I am a 3rd year International Business major with a minor in Communication Studies. Ya girl is from SoCal specifically from Fontana also known as Fontuckyyyy! If you ever see me around campus, you would probably catch me wearing an LA Dodger dad hat while eating hot cheetos and drinking a strawberry mango milk tea boba from TPumps. Also, I am this year’s Assistant Head/Finance Coordinator. As Assistant Head Coordinator, I am the main liason between Associated Student Inc. and PACE. If necessary, I am the stand-in for any PACE coordinator who is absent when needed. As Finance Coordinator, I am in charge of allocating funds for all PACE related programs (ex. PCN, SPAM/Talentado, Fil-Grad, etc.) If you wanna know more about me, hit me up! Gaaaaanggg! 💖🤘🏾

Co-Public Relations

Rizalyn Hiyao

Hey now! My name is Rizalyn but everyone knows me by Riz. I’m a third year pre-nursing student here at SF State and I am this year’s Co-Public Relations coordinator with Kristal! Catch me and Kristal sending you emails/ making flyers, and posting on social media. I’m from Vallejo, California. I love corny jokes and making puns, walking, and laughing. I love meeting new people and enjoy having company with those people that I meet. You can catch me at the PACE office, so stop by and say hi!

Executive Assisstant

Theo Capulong

Hey, everyone! My name is Roland Theo Capulong, but I just go by Theo. I was born in Manila, Philippines and blessed America with my very first footsteps here back in July 2005. I am currently a third year business marketing major and I am this year’s Executive Assistant for PACE! I am basically in charge of doing the legal documents and paperwork that has anything to do with PACE between San Francisco State University, making sure that we follow every regulations to stay as a recognized organization, as well as do all of the bookings for different agendas such as general meeting spaces to big events that are held usually in Jack Adams Hall. I also help out a lot with creating the events itself, making sure that we meet the criteria under SFSU regulations so that all of our general members can have a great time at our events! I’m so excited for this upcoming year and cannot wait for what it has in store for both KOREsama as well as the general members that we will be sharing our experience with!

Co-Public Relations

Kristal Osorio

Hi y’all! My name is Kristal Osorio. I was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. I am from Alameda (East Bay). I am a second year, majoring in Sociology and trying to minor in Asian American Studies and Counseling. I aspire to be an educator/youth counselor in the future. I am this year’s Co-Public Relations Coordinator. I make fliers and send mass texts/e-mails with my co, Riz. I also do most of the external work such as representing us, PACE, in events and actions/rallies. I connect with our alliances (NAFCON, NCPASA, MSU and Kabataan Alliance). I also collaborate with JP, this year’s Political Affairs Coordinator, for general meetings by bringing in organizations on or off campus to speak to us.

Academics Coordinator

Jonathan Pantaleon

What’s up everybody! I’m Jonathan Pantaleon, people call me Jon, Jonathan, sometimes Jthreezy lols. I am this year Academic Coordinator. I am in charge of the high school outreach program Uniting Pilipino Students for Success (UPSS) as well as running workshops for internship. I’m a second year Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance. I am from Santa Clara, California. I can hear everything that’s happening in Levi’s Stadium in my backyard. I love yogurtland and hate lemon water. Say wassup to me if you see me around, I am fun times I promise.

Kaisahan Coordinator

Jomarie Calasanz

Hola!! My name is Jomarie Calasanz and I’m PACE’s Kaisahan (Unity) Coordinator for this school year. I’m a second year Political Science major from Southern California. I am very passionate about sharing and creating art so my job is basically to provide a safe space for everyone to express themselves in many various forms of self- expression. Some of my programs include Pilharmonix (singing), Sayawan (dance), Artists for a Cause, and the Kaisahan Newsletter.  I am super excited for this school year and everything that it has in store for our organization. I’m always an open ear so hit me up if you ever need anything. I’m here for y’all!

Community Coordinator

Darren Garza

Hey guys! My name is Darren Garza I'm a civil engineering major with a minor in marketing. Some of my hobbies include shopping online, dancing, and your occasional doodling. As community coordinator, I'm in charge of organizing volunteering events and any outreach events that happen with other organizations outside of sf state. My main goal as community coordinator is to give everyone in PACE that sense of home away from home or that community where they can express themselves. I have a passion for culture and am always down to talk about our roots or whatever questions you might have! Come get to know me!

History Coordinator

Robin Aquilizan

Hi friends! I’m Robin Kitana Aquilizan. I’m a second year, Asian American Studies major. And I’m the history coordinator for Pace. I’m from Union City which is about 40 minutes away from SF. I had the opportunity to learn about Filipino history and social justice in high school & its something i’ve been passionate about for years. So i’m so excited for the year & to be able to educate our general members about history & social justice. HIZUUUT!

Cultural Coordinator

Karl Violanda

Hey everyone! My name is Karl Zion Violanda and I am a fourth year Studio Art major at San Francisco State. I grew up in Daly City, California aka Little Manila for all of my life. You can catch me at Tselogs in Colma or on campus at the PACE office either watching WWE videos or ESPN First Take on my laptop. LOL. I am the 2017-2018 PACE Cultural Coordinator. My job for the organization is to uphold and promote the heritage and cultural aspects of the Pilipinx American community for all our general members and interns. I am also the Pilipinx Cultural Night 46 Producer in which I oversee the creative and logistic aspects of the production with the help of my Inner Sanctum. Not only do I address the traditional values and foundation of our culture, but I also must shed light on the ever-changing components that shape our Fil-Am community today. #KOREsama #WeHaveThePOWER

Political Affairs Coordinator

JP Baetiong

Hello! My name is Janus Pablo Baetiong, but I go by JP. I’m a second-year here at SFSU, and I’m currently majoring in English: Education & Asian American Studies and minoring in Race and Resistance Studies. I have a burning love for Hot Cheetos Limon, and I can finish a Costco-sized bag in one sitting. In ten years, I envision myself teaching high school students and introducing ethnic studies to conventional classroom curriculums. I have a strong-hearted passion for social justice and hope to empower the youth through relevant education. I aspire to provide a safespace for ethnic identities to engage in critical consciousness of issues that pertain to our communities. Makibaka, huwag matakot.