Patrick Racela

Head Coordinator

Kumusta?! My name is Pat Racela. I'm a 5th year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Asian American American Studies. I'm from Pittsburg, CA (not Pennsylvania). Between work, school, community organizing, and commuting, I like to get into a good cypher session, chop game, eat good food, and be in the company of family and friends. Processing the struggle one day at a time, yadadamean?!


Jerik Angelo Juan

Internal Public Relations Coordinator

Jerik Angelo Juan



Safety Coordinator

Head of Drum Circle Affairs

Snapbacks and Tattoos (mostly tattoos though)


Chynna Galang

Internship Coordinator

Hi Hi! I'm Chynna (China) Kadee Galang, so nice to meet you! ♪  I'm a SoCal native, more specifically, Rancho Cucamonga for you workaholic fans. I'm a second year here at SF State, undeclared, but with an interest in Sociology. Some of my favorite things in life are trying new boba places, falling asleep anywhere, and playing League of Legends. Recommend me an anime to watch!



Timothy Balilo

Community Coordinator

Hello everyone! What's good. My name is Timothy Balilo. I am a third year Biology major with an emphasis on Physiology with the hopes of one day making medical school and graduating. I enjoy going on adventures and meeting new people. Other than PACE I am also the social chair for Chi Rho Omicron. And yeaaaah. I'd much rather get to know you in real life. It's boring when you read about someone. So holla at me. 


XPO 477


PS. I am really more of a hoodrat and not this formal.


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Alexi Cuevas

Assistant Head/Finance Coordinator

What’s up, I'm Lexi, a 3rd year, Criminal Justice major with a minor in International Relations. From San Diego to San Francisco, I hope to travel the world one day. I love chocolate and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I'm friendly, trust.


Rae Ferrer

External Public Relations Coordinator

What is up everyone! My name is Rae and I'm a third year Journalism major. I'm a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers but I work for the Golden State Warriors (weird, right?). I'm really into mens fashion. I also like to learn every dance craze that hits the internet.


Ron Melendres

History Coordinator

Hey everyone! I'm Ron Melendres and I am a senior majoring in history! I am originally from San Mateo, CA which is not far from SFSU. I like to hike and explore different areas around the bay =D


Geena Ballesteros

Political Affairs Coordinator

What's good folks? I was born and raised in Hayward, California and taught everything I know from Pilipino Youth Coalition in Union City. In my free time I help my sister with her small business @MarleysTreats (check us out on Instagram!) and making crocheted goods(@stuffbygee on IG). I'm all about love and music. See you around! <3


Nicholas Gabriel

Activities Coordinator

What's good everybody? I'm Nik Gabriel, I'm from San Diego, born in Okinawa, Japan. I'm a 3rd year Kinesiology Major. I like to work out and be physically active. 


Random Fact: When I get excited I yack...


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Noel Lejat

Executive Assistant

Whashannenin'?! My name is Noel Lejat. My major is microbiology. I am currently a 3rd year. I was born on Christmas! A quote I live by is "Time is the most valuable resource you can give to a person."


Nadine Ciara Macaraeg

PCN Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Nadine Ciara Macaraeg (yes, Ciara is my second name not my middle name but call me one or the other), born and raised in Fremont and I'm a 4th year Child and Adolescent Development Major with a concentration in Early Childhood. I love kids, food, dogs, working out, and food. I'm always on the go so hopefully you can try and catch me sometime to say whatsup! 


Jomarie Dela Peña

Cultural Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Jomarie Dela Peña. I am a third year health education major, minoring in business administration. And Im this years Cultural Coordinator. Aside from this position, I am PCN co-producer, and Kappa Psi Epsilon's Cultural Chair as well! I love my chiuahua Jack, My favorite color is yellow, I love love love corn, boba and chicken. Oh yeahh, especially chicken! Woo! *jumps in the air*


Jenelyn Pulido

Academics Coordinator

Hey everyone! I'm Jenelyn Pulido, your 2014-2015 Academics Coordinator! I was born and raised in the 209! Now I'm a 3rd year majoring in Health Education! (:


Jonathan Ceron

Kaisahan Coordinator

Jonathan Ceron

Business Marketing

Music, Fashion, Photography

510 | 626

Union City | Pasadena

& yes I get that a lot (I know what you're thinking)


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