Makibaka: "Dare to Struggle" 

Finance Coordinator

Sarah Telebrico 

A 3rd year, Health Education major with an emphasis in Community-based Public Health. Born & raised in the 408! Spring 2014 intern, shout out to my fam DOWN. Sister of Kappa Psi Epsilon, Beta Chapter. Loves Hip Hop, fleeky eyebrows, spontaneous adventures, and even greater company. So... let’s chill!

Public Relations Coordinator

Karl Catalon 

Hello my name is Karl, and i’m an Astrophysics major. I enjoy watching lots of anime and makeup tutorials. If you catch me talking weird, it’s because I love MirandaSings. If you don’t know her, she’s on Youtube!

Activities Coordinator

Megan Bumagat 

What’s good y’all my name is Megan! I am a fourth year BECA Major. I’m adventurous and spontaneous. I’m told often that I’m pretty loud and that you can hear my voice at a distance. However, I have my quiet moments so it’s all good! Lets get this year poppin’!

History Coordinator

Lennard Nerona 

Yooo whatsup y’all! My name’s Lennard and I am currently a third year History major. I’d like to say I am an avid photography, video game, food and bad joke enthusiast! Catch me in the arcades, pumping quarters into the Street Fighter machine trying not to get wrecked.

Executive Assistant Coordinator 

Eden Alcomendas

Hi, I’m Eden! I’m a third year Kinesiology major, with a minor in Marketing. San Diego is my hometown. I love movies, dancing, hiking, and working out. I bring my water bottle with me almost everywhere I go.









PCN Coordinator

Jerico DeGuzman 

How you doin?! I’m Jerico and I’m a third year BECA major with a minor in computer science! I love food and laughing. Spark a movie conversation with me sometime! I’m also pretty obsessed with Kit Kat.


Community Coordinator 

Andrew Herce

What’s up beautiful people?! My name’s Andrew Herce, a fourth year finance major here at State. I like boba. Really bad at these blurb profile things so, just ask me questions when you see my around! Peace.

Internship Coordinator

Megan Eusebio 

Whats up guys! My name’s Megan Eusebio! I’m from San Diego, Ayee Go Chargers! Food, doggies, and anything Disney are what make my world go round. I’m excited for this school year and what it has to offer!

Academics Coordinator

Emily Enriquez

What’s good everyone! My name is Emily Enriquez, I am a fourth year Political Science major and Asian American Studies minor. San Francisco will always be my second home, but I am originally from Orange County, CA. Fun fact: I can sleep almost anywhere and at any time. Grab pho with me and let’s hang out!

Cultural Coordinator

Jason Thepkaisone 

Hey everyone! My name’s Jason, i’m a third year kinesiology major. I’m into cooking, video games, fitness, and most importantly eating! I’m always down to work out or play video games if i’m feeling lazy.

Kaisahan Coordinator

Samantha Susa

What’s up! My name’s Samantha but you can call me Sam. I’m a third year CFS major with a double minor in Holistic Health and Asian American Studies! Cheese, dogs, and foodie expeditions are a few of my favorite things. Look for the girl with the short hair and train tracks, that’s me!

Political Affairs Coordinator

Jeannel Poyaoan 

“The new woman, the new Filipina, is first and foremost a militant. She is... a woman fully engaged in the making of history. No longer is she a woman-for-marriage, but more and more a woman-for-action” -Lorena Barros. Hi! I’m a 3rd year Sociology major who loves lame jokes & genuine conversations.

*All headshots courtesy of Jan Brylle "JB" Tacla