"From the Roots"

Mission Statement:

We, Mula Sa Ugat, the alliance of the Filipino student organizations at San Francisco State, have come together to better serve the youth and students and community at large. It is through our unity that we carry out collective action, foster growth within our members to be leaders in the community, and carry out educational programs and community building to understand the situations in our community through local, national, and international perspectives.

Alpha Kappa Omicron, Alpha Chapter



"AKO" in Tagalog means "me," so this organization is not only about the sisterhood, it's about you as an individual and gaining the support to meet your own personal success and educational goals.



1. Culture

2. Academics

3. Service

4. Social

5. Sisterhood


FB: Alpha Kappa Omicron, Alpha Chapter 

IG: @akomicron_alpha

Chi Rho Omicron, Beta Chapter


Mission Statement:

The Purpose of Chi Rho Omicron shall be to promote the understanding, enrichment, and appreciation of the Pilipino Culture, History, and Heritage through a Brotherhood/Family Environment; to instill the desire for Self-Improvement, Scholastic Excellence, and the Cultivation for Civic Responsibility.


FB: Chi Rho Omicron, Inc. Beta 

Chapter, San Francisco State 


IG: @xposf

Twitter: @TrueBeta

Kappa Psi Epsilon, Beta Chapter



Kappa Psi Epsilon is a unity of women that supports, as well as understands, the need to resist oppression and to always struggle for freedom, be it within or externally.


Motto: "Find your inner strength."



1. Academics

2. Culture

3. Community Action

4. Interrelations

5. Sisterhood


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Intervarsity Kapwa



Kapwa is for anyone interested in discovering more about faith and the person of Jesus not only in a Pilipino/Pilipino-American context, but in a practical college student perspective.

League of Filipino Students-SFSU



LFS-SFSU focuses to deepen the understanding of the concrete connections between Filipinos in the United States and in the Homeland.


FB: League of Filipino Students - SFSU

IG: @lfssfsu

Tumblr: @lfssfsu

Twitter: @LFSSFSU

Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE)


PACE takes esteemed responsibility in providing academic support to our general members; promoting critical consciousness and self determination; and the preservation of Pilipina/o American culture, while offering a safe space for expression


FB: Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor

IG: @pacesfsu1967

Twitter: @pacesfsu1967