people's state of the nation address (PSONA) 2020

 On July 27, people gathered at the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco to voice their concerns on President Duterte actions regarding the Anti-Terror Bill.

All photos on this page were shot by @ryaniscamera on Instagram.






micah dayag,


“PSONA this year was very live. It really brought the Fil-Am community together, and other groups of ethnicities. There was strength in international solidarity and people wanting to fight for change. I was very motivated to keep continuing my activism and the work I do for the people.”

jaya duhaylongsod,


"PSONA is always an agitating yet inspiring time of year. Seeing and being part of a movement powered by the people is so beautiful. I’m so grateful to have worked with such a creative group of folx on the prop committee; who have a passion for using art to expose the true enemy of our communities: US Imperialism!”

nickel rivera,


“One of my favorite memories of PSONA was the culturals, and performing alongside kasamas who were throwing down on the mic for the people! My experience in PSONA was agitating and emotional in ways that will leave me in inspiration to do more for the masses. And overall seeing everyone come together at a time that felt impossible.”


kayla soriano,


“This year was the first year of me being part of organizing PSONA, I would describe it as rewarding while also very busy as I was a part of organizing it. I was a part of the prop committee on the day of PSONA I was in charge of moving around the prop organizing ppl to show that things will get out in time. My favorite moment of PSONA was being in the crowd chanting with kasamas as well as getting hyphy too.”

shara orquiza,


PSONA always reminds me of how much the people’s movement is continuously  growing by the day, not only in the Philippines here in the U.S. It is inspiring to see the people speak for what is right for the betterment of their livelihood. What is great about PSONA is partnering with the masses to lead the biggest mobilization of the year and seeing their leadership grow in the process because we know PSONA is just a part of our fight to build a new society that serves the majority and not the minority.”

nate roque,


This year’s PSONA was amazing! I got to be apart of the program planning committee. I would say that my favorite moment during PSONA was the car caravan and shutting down Sutter St. I was amazed at how much people came out to stand in solidarity and stand with one another in a pandemic. This goes to show that nothing came s in the way of the people standing against the tyranny and injustices happening back in the Philippines.”